Timber tinkering and objective compositions

Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

Simply defining the more familiar term “magic” is in and of itself problematic. A fairly embracing explanation is that it is a method of manipulating the physical world through metaphysical means by employing ritual action.

Aleister Crowley gave several reasons why he used the term “magick”. The central reason was that he considered magick to be anything that moves a person close to fulfilling their ultimate destiny, which he called one’s True Will.

Catherine Beyer

There are as many definitions for some words as there are thinking minds. God, love, death, consciousness, reality and magic spring to mind. One could fill several libraries with what has been written about the first five of these, but relatively little about the latter (and less about magick and the role that the magical beliefs, rituals and practices may have in current events).

I see and hear words like “what the fuck is going on here?” at least several dozen times a day now. It doesn’t seem to make sense because there is little understanding of the multiple branches of power, politics, economics and yes, sorcery which are deeply woven into this experience.

There is a partial vaccum which exists around the magical arts within our daily discourse, and even in publicly available literature. There is very little serious discussion or scientific discovery around the magical arts because they are conveniently dismissed as Disneyesque fantasy. This knowledge has been deliberately suppressed for as long as there has been slavery. Why have we been conditioned to think of magic as nothing more than childish fantasy, even whilst unconsciously using it in one form or another in our daily lives?

In the spiritual realm, many turn to more traditional practioners of the Art – witches, witchdoctors, priests, prophets and gurus – to act as intermediaries in areas of magical practice which are beyond our understanding. We engage them to brew word potions and cast liturgical spells in service of our colourful human affectations. Love, fear, respect, revenge, greed, power and lust, to name a few. We engage in magic at the gateways between life and death – spells of binding and protection in the form of the prayers and rituals of birth and death. Isn’t it interesting that these rituals have now been all but completely suppressed?

Decades of holly-wood, govern-ment and news “casting” mentalist magic has done a fair job of hiding the true nature of our cage from us. We as a species are subjected to an avalanche of magical practice throughout the life-death-rebirth experience, a considerable portion of which has been employed to hide this truth, to occult it from us, so that its effectiveness may be sustained. Once the stage magician’s secret is known, the illusion loses it’s magic.

In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God.

John 1:1

The most broadly encountered branch of magic is language. Spelling is the casting of spells. Words, whether thought, spoken, written or recorded, are consciousness embodied in the form from which all creation is wrought. They can be used to create, destroy, free and enslave. Words and symbols are often employed to invoke fear, a branch of psychological magic which can give advantage or control over an opponent or prey, or a slave. Or many slaves.

The scene in the first video is one of the products of this mass fear-manipulation-magic (psy-op), which has been largely delivered to us via the Mindstream Media and our deeply corrupted govern-ments (“steer the mind” – Greek & Latin), who all appear to be pocketing ludicrous COVID-19 aid handouts from the globalists, whilst being given license to imprison their populations and indulge their wildest tin-pot dictator fantasies. There seems to be a fine line between magic and madness.

The Gates/WHO Production of COVID-19 (Germany, 2020)

Hollywood is itself steeped in magic, and it doesn’t take much of a stretch to see that the same minds that created the above have been preparing us for our part in this grand extravaganza of magical ritual for decades.

Since the Rockerfeller Foundation literally laid the foundation for this plandemic in the form of the “Lock Step Scenario“, published in May 2010, the Hollywood branch of the cabal has been generously seeding our collective consciousness, numbing and conditioning us psychologically for what was coming.

Let’s not forget the apothcarie’s and alchemists and their magic potions, dressed up as big pharma who stand to become the welathiest corporations on the planet from COVID-19. The clips below are both from films produced by Lionsgate in partnership with Microsoft in the last ten years. Bill Gates’ considerable financial influence (currency is also sorcery) has now been redployed to the World Health Organization for the “live exercise“.

Unlocked (2017) – Lionsoft/Microgate Productions
Hunger Games (2012) – Lionsoft/Microgate Productions

The other branch of the Art being obviously deployed in the implementation of Lock Step is legal magic, a jargonistic sub-branch of spell(cast)ing. The grimoire of litigation is Black’s Law Dictionary. It is wielded with enormous power over those who have not explored its contents. Most of us employ specialist wizards and sorcerers to navigate this realm of our behalf – to protect or further our interests there.

At least 84 countries have imposed emergency policies and measures due to the COVID-19 crisis, but according to publicly available notifications deposited with the UN, only 11 countries have formally informed the UN of derogations from their human rights obligations as of April 15.

In Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Kenya, the Philippines, South Africa, and Uganda, police abuse of people found to be violating curfew or stay-at-home orders have drawn criticism. In Panama, a transgender woman was detained for being out on a day designated “for women” under a scheme that allows women and men to leave home on alternating days. In Uganda, where women were forced to undress during an incident of police abuse, and South Africa, where children were injured as a man was shot in front of his home

Human Rights Watch

Our politicrats worldwide are burying us in laws such as those below, as a planned response to this equally plandemic “live exercise” theatrical event, complete with live bullets, real psycopaths and a gang of pedophiles trying to transform the planet into some green fascist wet dream.

Here in sunny South Africa, we have been brought under the legal spell of the Disaster Management Act. Two of the more interesting sections are reproduced below:

Disaster Management Act
South African Disaster Management Act – Gazetted 29 April 2020
Breaking the Spell 2
South African Disaster Management Act – Gazetted 29 April 2020

Employing a little bit of legal magic, we may be able to produce a counter-spell. There seems to be a huge amount of evidence that one of the natural laws must be that of reciprocity and balance – yin and yang. One can learn to protect, defend, attack or support themself or others with any of the arts.

If this legal notice is ignored, then the illegal statute law which it provides protection against are, by natural law, broken spells as well:

No Trespassing

In order to respond to this subversive attack on ourselves and our children, we must see the cage for what it is. Only then will the path to freedom become clear. Only by discerning the false magically created divides of race, religion, language and politics can we move forward out of this swamp of depraved power and control.

The livestock farmer never has the interests of the livestock at heart. Stop fighting each other. Remember who the real enemy is.

“I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.” – Leo Tolstoy

I first came across this essay by Athony Liversage (from which I have borrowed the title for this post) 18 years ago – its a commentary on HIV/AIDS skepticism in the post-911 social and academic climate. HIV/AIDS was a test run. So is COVID-19. There will be more unless we do something different to what we have done before when the boot came down. Several days ago I ranted…

Those that use the term “conspiracy theorist” to describe another are acolytes of a church of separatist thinking which, by conveniently segregating a group of people with differing views, makes it much easier to ignore the fact that there are, amongst those number, many effectively using the tools of critical thinking to perceive the truth – grammar, logic, rhetoric.

These are the tools of reason that were methodically suppressed starting at least 800 years ago – the deliberate dumbing down of humanity has been underway for a long time.To call another who uses these tools, effectively, a “conspiracy theorist”, is equivalent to being a luddite of reason.

I feel that we have a brief window of opportunity to alter the course of humanity for the better, but that if we squabble amongst ourselves over which philosophy of action (or inaction) we should be taking by segregating people and ideas which counter our personal dogmas ands beliefs, then we lose again, and we shall return to our deepening cycle of self-abuse through abdication of our sovereignty to false authorities.

John of Salisbury published the Metalogicon (98MB download) in 1159 in which he describes the methodical destruction of the thousand year old Greek school of critical thinking – the Trivium of grammar, logic and rhetoric employed in the pursuit of reason and truth. Plato asks in The Republic, “…is there anything more akin to wisdom than truth? How can there be?”

Humanity has been dumbed down so thoroughly that it has become “a sin” to apply critical thought to the events going on around us. Anyone exhibiting even a hint of reason is labelled a “conspiracy theorist” – a modern heretic in the church of pseudo-scientific dogma and “common sense”. What we are witnessing now, in the midst of this global pandemic of fear, is the endgame to our current cycle of abuse.

Plato divides the general population into three classes – reason, appetite and spirit. Statesmen (philosophers) are governed by reason; civilians (those that provide for material needs) are governed by appetite and pleasure; the executive force (soldiers and policemen) are governed by spirit and action.

This division is made on the basis of state provided education, not by birth or wealth. Everyone is assigned an appropriate rank through a process of examination. In the just State each element plays its part and keeps within its boundaries.

These elements are also present in every individual who is governed, to varying degrees, by:

  • rational judgment of what is good
  • a mass of conflicting appetites for particular gratifications
  • spirit, or will, which seeks to prevent infringements of rights by other people and by the individual’s own appetites

Harmony is achieved when people are ruled by reason and society is ruled by philosophers. By Plato’s measure we’re clearly a little short on statesmen at this time.

Just as it is more within one’s power to love wisdom than to attain it, so to it is easier to love reason that to possess it. “To have reason,” that is, to possess genuine judgment, is the lot of few.

John of Salisbury – The Metalogicon

“Formerly tyranny used the clumsy weapons of chains and hanging; nowadays even despotism, though it seemed to have nothing more to learn, has been perfected by civilization.”

Alexis de Toqueville – Democracy in America

I’m going to share a different perspective that I came across. It was difficult for me to listen to because my anger at this oppression makes me want to slap these bastards, but that is their way. So here it is:

They are expecting and planning for us to break the lockdown. This is what they WANT us to do, as it will give them the pretext to perpetuate the OLD WORLD ORDER of mass control under the guise of a “New World Order”. If we rebel, they will simply tie us up in even more draconian control because we’re “being naughty”.

Perhaps we should be considering the idea that, in order to usher in a true new world – free of the tyranny of capitalism and control – then we should JUST LET IT DIE. Right now, they are keeping larger businesses on life support and waiting for the smaller ones to suffocate to death. This will ultimately create a much more potent version of the enslaved world that we have been living in already.

By wanting to return to our enslavement, we are giving them exactly what they want. All we have to do is hold our breaths longer than they can – DON’T go out on the streets and protest. DON’T go back to work. DON’T resist the lockdown. Embrace the lockdown and find ways to endure together as the whole empire of capitalist control implodes in on itself, making way for a world which is truly of, and for, all of humanity. A meritocracy.

We don’t need the ways of the past to build something new. Lets move forward, and stop being distracted with the what, where, why and how this all came about. It doesn’t matter whether there’s a virus or not, or where it came from, or whether 5G is a weapon, or whether Bill Gates is a lizard in sheep’s clothing. All of that will naturally disintegrate as soon as we all stop giving energy to it and get on with what needs doing.

There is divinity in this chaos – the greatest opportunity that we have ever had to choose to stop perpetuating our old cycles of abuse. All of us have been victims of abuse for generations – abuse perpetuated on us through the blunt instrument of government. We now have the technology and the awakening oportunity to realise that we no longer need governments or banks. They are obsolete.

My Declaration of Sovereignty. I have provided downloadable templates for this declaration at the bottom of the page.