On July 19, a video appeared on the Internet with a short but memorable speech by Jacques Attali, a famous financier, politician and writer. Jacques Attali is considered one of the most influential figures of our time. He is spoken of as a person serving the interests of the Rothschild clan, and has been a permanent adviser to the presidents of France, starting with F. Mitterrand. He also made a significant contribution to Emmanuel Macron’s rise to the Presidency of France in 2017.

“Jacques Attali, the famous globalist theorist and mentor to French President Emmanuel Macron, predicted on French television in 1979 that a special health passport would appear in the United States and Europe in the future, affecting what a person would and would not have the right to do.”

Was the recent unrest, looting and violence in South Africa the effect of an electromagnetic bioweapon being used as part of a hypergame strategy? I found some interesting correlations and information which support this theory.