Jacques Attali – Changing the Code

“Do we have to change all the laws and rules that govern us? Probably. There is much that can be changed. Do we need to change the genetic code? Maybe also to make sure that we get better as human beings, and can be more responsible, a little more compassionate, a little more empathetic.

Maybe, we need to touch that. Maybe we shouldn’t touch that? What must remain man’s own? When we look at the history of humanity, we realise that humanity touches everything, including itself, and that the history of humanity is a language translation of the living being, into an object, into an artefact, gradually. We are supplemented with prostheses, and then the prostheses come into us, and we gradually become ourselves without realising it. Our genetic code itself, gradually known, and that is fine. We are increasingly able to combat its shortcomings, and that is how it should be. We are very capable of creating vaccines that will protect this code, improve it, and defend it against viruses, and that is how it should be. ”

– Jacques Attali, July 2021