This library was created with a purpose: To evoke positive change in the world through equitable access to that which has been suppressed – to catalyze an awakening through the revelation of knowledge which has, through the machinations of secret societies in accordance with their secret doctrines, been occulted – especially that which has been censored for the purposes of control and maintenance our collective slumber.

Much of this content is original research, or is being made accessible to a global audience for the first time in over one hundred languages by utilizing machine-translation technology.

Ars Nobilis 1

This collection is intensively shadow-banned by all big tech, but this does not prevent us from welcoming new visitors from half of the countries on earth (and speaking over three dozen languages) on any given week. This material is not for everyone, but it resonates with a vast cross-section of humanity.

The costs underlying this project – research, hosting, and content delivery – come directly out of my pocket. I appreciate whatever support you might, be it a small donation, or by sharing this material.