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The Bigger Picture 1

This is the second in a collection of essays written by Aug Tellez which I will be re-publishing over the coming weeks. The first was The Hive, Parasitic Soul Stealing and the Supercomputer Demiurge.

The whole point of the coming shifts are that we are in a temporal distortion field which is being energetically constrained so that consciousness is at a very very low level of activity and power. What this means is that if the restriction is removed, power returns and the natural baseline level of awareness and activity shoots upward into an exponential increase.

The whole concept of the control system is to have people ‘pointing’ their energies towards destruction, deception, ego, or materialism so that when this great launch occurs, they will ‘bounce’, or ‘leap’ into the ‘future’ of a much higher power state but this will only result in a mass, intense mutation of their own energies and even physical form because their trajectory would be pointed literally towards self-destruction.

The entire idea behind preparing for this shift is to let go of the attachments to the mundane, to let go of fear, hate and aggression, to see one another as beautiful, truthful, compassionate sources of pure observation. Only that which is perfectly cleaned of the hard, rigid structures of indoctrinated, dogmatic thinking will be able to ‘soar upward’ without having their wings automatically clipped by the very nature of their flight path heading into dangerous, treacherous, or completely ontologically unreasonable (paradoxical) reality.

The conscious turmoil, the belief systems, the false self, the imposter mind, these are programs hidden in the unconscious mind and thus this is like having more weight in the trunk of the vehicle than the vehicle itself weighs! This is ‘karmic’ drag which is just another way of saying BS that people were sold to make it so they have mental chains and shackles holding them into a false reality where they are prisoners of their own beliefs that lead into repeated self-fulfilling prophecies of suffering, restriction and deception-illusion.

This is literally like a plane with heavy weights attached to the wings making maneuvering and gaining velocity and lift more difficult. The idea is that once the restrictions in the realm are removed, it will be the people themselves who are responsible for everything else. THE RESTRICTIONS HAVE BEEN REMOVED, EVERYTHING YOU EXPERIENCE NOW IS YOUR OWN DOING.

The other aspect is that once the restrictions are removed, it’s as if ‘gravity’ (illusion) is lessened and the air is easier to move through without reducing thrust meaning people are proportionally lighter and easier to propel. That is where that dangerous dynamic comes into place, that if people are suddenly launched faster into whatever trajectory they are pointed towards and they still have weights attached to the vehicle of their mind then they would literally be launching towards the ground with minimal capacity to change direction in a short amount of time.

What this means is that every so often there are spikes in electrical energy of the civilization and the DNA undergoes shifts in relation to the amount of programming in the unconscious mind. When the unconscious mind and conscious are joined, then there is no autonomous programming that is in control of one’s behavior or feeling and everything is known. The more programming there is, the more one is fragmented and controlled through manipulation and this is seen in many groups including the general public who is nearly entirely unaware of what they are and how they are which renders a zombie like trance of experience disconnected from the true self within.

This is performed in this way both to act as a kind of selfish challenge from one perspective but also to ensure that only those who are surely capable of facing the truth receive the power that is directly on the other side of this consciousness-unconscious equilibrium of being and genetics. In other words, when the DNA unlocks, one can literally use their mind to interact with reality directly and the body responds similar to how people are taught to believe they need chemicals, medicines, or drugs to interact with their body to bring about physical reconfiguration today.

Think about that, without processing the information in a delay, everything is managed by the brain, everything is synthesized and reconfigured on a cellular level, you are what’s in control of the entire body because you can access an observation level of beyond the brain, thus you are actually not the body and can initiate changes on a genetic level that are as powerful as the entire body reconfiguring itself or existing in the first place. That level is the true level of the spirit beyond the soul and wakeful consciousness and that is the level that people are thrust into during these shifts. The shift itself is like a sustained period of high activity which enables a transformation, a kind of spiritual alchemy that then results in a new kind of being. After the shift then the changes that were achieved are permanent and so everything is planned out according to how some want the population to change and who is to be controlled or not.

Everyone is equally placed under a net of mass mind control and again, only those who can overcome the fear, ignorance, depravity, ego and illusion will actually produce a kind of eternal spiritual fruit which is no longer susceptible to the same changes and destruction that occurred for many thousands of years. This whole stretch of civilization has literally been a plan all leading up to this final event where those who are ready move into an eternal state that no longer requires these kinds of ups and downs to propel forward out of illusion. This is like a cosmic game, however one could also say that game has been hijacked by those who feel threatened by the possibilities of the advancement of Humanity.

The goal is to remain in self-awareness and stay out of that zombie trance in which an automated programming system takes over the behavioral system and results in a schema that is merely a replication of someone who’s actually in control. If that happens, the great shift results in automation for some and they become the next level of the automatons that were originally developed through the advent of homo-sapiens that did not contain the capacity for original thought or free-will. These are organic robotoids because the soul then, is entirely mixed with the material nature and thus this is like the mind of a being trapped in a robot body that can never die.

Then if one achieves free-will, this is through feeling, through the ability to continue feeling and not get stuck on one or another fragmentation of belief, perception, or behavioral program, then one’s spiritual essence becomes whole and complete beyond the scope of the body and the body remains as a temporary vessel that can be utilized or left at will while the rest of the universe, the higher dimensions are accessible by that pure awareness.

There is a third path where the body is entirely converted into pure awareness however only a small portion of each civilization achieves this and this is just a natural balance that the synchronization of each cell, to each molecule, to each atom of every organ system, fluid system, and thought and behavioral process must be aligned fully with the spirit so that the mind, the spirit, the body are one entirely complete, unified system without distortion or disharmony between at any level. That is more of a very refined task however those who complete that enter into the universe a pathway that enables the projection of Humanity into a very high dimensional area which can then be utilized to anchor the collective mind in eternity.

This is a process, a pathway that has been planned for hundreds of thousands of years and this world is an illusion that must be realized for what it is and put into it’s place otherwise the creator of the illusion takes power over those who fall for the material trap. That which is true, is limitless. That which exists in materiality, is finite and definite. Material reality is only potentially limited and untrue. Truth is only potentially found beyond the finite and limited material reality. Thus, the body is not to be destroyed but realized as a kind of puppetry system that is utilized by a higher awareness that is so far beyond the limitation of the material that the measurement of difference is exactly “1 infinity”.

This is to say that the mind cannot actually comprehend the truth of this reality or the spiritual nature, but one can know simply by overcoming the natural resistance of the finite mind to seek to conceptualize through categorization and difference.

Another way to see this is that advanced technology will be released to the general public and already has. As a result, in a relatively very short amount of time, the general population will either complete mentally destroy themselves or they will refuse assimilation into fear and desire based constructs and this will propel them into a higher state of awareness. This has already been taking place for many years, even decades.

Another aspect is that the electrical increase enables mass telepathy. Everyone’s mind and memories are visible to one another. The idea here is that there is a natural version and a technological version. The agendas are getting people to ‘fear’ the technological version for two reasons,

  1. So that they even know it’s possible and through that, they are informing them and pushing them to awaken.
  2. So that they overlook the natural version if they choose to react with fear (or experience that outcome through a lack of free-will) against anything highly advanced or beyond the mundane.

The idea is that everything that is done through tech is already possible and occurring through nature which is the highest form of technology. This is still fallen technology because the physical bodies of the majority of the people and this world is inherently deceptive and broken, meaning it pulls energy through a vampiric absorption and replication-imitation process. However, regardless, through that technology or the electrical increase, ALL BECOMES KNOWN and the invisible becomes visible. Thus, the preparation is in clearing one’s conscience and coming to terms with what they are and how they have existed here in this reality.

Source : Aug Tellez