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Jacques Attali's Revelations 1

The following essay, based in part upon my earlier post, was originally authored by the well known Russian economist, Professor Valentin Katasanov.

On July 19, a video appeared on the Internet with a short but memorable speech by Jacques Attali, a famous financier, politician and writer. Jacques Attali is considered one of the most influential figures of our time. He is spoken of as a person serving the interests of the Rothschild clan, and has been a permanent adviser to the presidents of France, starting with F. Mitterrand. He also made a significant contribution to Emmanuel Macron’s rise to the Presidency of France in 2017 (which the French are now bemoaning).

Attali is the author of several dozen books, which he himself calls “designing the future.” Last year, Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum (WEF), announced the Great Reset , and many of the provisions of this plan coincide with Attali’s ideas. No wonder: Klaus Schwab and Jacques Attali are the chicks of the Rothschild nest.

Jacques Attali’s July video performance was shocking. So shocking that after a few hours YouTube was forced to block this video. However, despite the efforts of world censors to remove the video, it can be found on the Internet. For example, here.

Attali’s key word for this talk is “code.” He talks about different codes – computer, telephone, genetic, ethical, socio-economic, food and others. In a broad sense, “code” is a set of rules. Attali laconically defines codes as the laws that govern the world, and he begins to philosophise from starting with the obvious: there are many imperfect, even terrible things in the world. These imperfections are the result of serious flaws in the respective codes, and then proclaims the thesis: we can make the world perfect by correcting the codes of all systems.

Using the method of rhetorical questions, Attali asks: is it necessary to change the human genetic code? And although he avoids an intelligible answer, he quite definitely supports the idea of ​​human genetic alteration. Man is evolving, says Attali, but this evolution is going in the wrong direction; human evolution must be taken under control, and codes must become the instrument of controlled evolution.

Attali declares that over the course of history, man increasingly turns into an “artefact”, into an “object.” In the spirit of Klaus Schwab (“The Fourth Industrial Revolution”) Attali welcomes the synthesis of man and computer, the emergence of the cyborg, that is, a biorobot. He does not exclude that the result of the “objective trend” may be a 100% prosthesis. The world can do without man. The codes must kill the person! Let there be “artefact” and “object” instead of a person, but “correct”. And the “correctness” of the “object” will be ensured by the “correct codes”.

Attali’s reasoning reminded me of Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel Brave New World . The inhabitants of that world were the products of the conveyor belt. Production began with the intrauterine fertilisation of an egg placed in a special bottle. The bottles were different and the final product coming off the assembly line had different characteristics. Differences were programmed at the stage of embryo initiation in bottles. The owners of the “brave new world” used several genetic codes with which it was possible to produce the elite (caste “alpha”), the middle class (“beta”, “gamma”) and the lower (“delta”, “epsilon”), only distantly resembling homo sapiens .

Attali avoids the question of who will develop the “correct codes” and implement them in life. However, the answers are from Klaus Schwab, who speaks in detail about the remaking of a person in the spirit of transhumanism, and the owners of the largest corporations will be engaged in such alteration, and they will mainly need biorobots as the lower castes (“delta” and “epsilon”) designed for the dirtiest jobs.

Attali says something about other codes as well. For example, he mentions the “courtesy code”. Attali is a psychologist, he talks more about “good”, “justice”, “altruism”, “benevolence” and “caring for future generations” in order to inspire confidence. He also mentions the “social code” behind which the model of “inclusive capitalism” described by Schwab can be seen. Attali calls this a “positive society.”

From the “social code” Attali moves on to the theme of “economics of life”, which he has been developing for a long time. He proposes to get rid of a part of agriculture, most of the transport sector (automobile, aviation, railway), mechanical engineering, chemical and textile industries as “harmful”. Attali also calls for the extraction of hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon energy, and ferrous metallurgy, which form a fat “carbon footprint”, participating in the creation of large volumes of carbon dioxide emissions. He is voting with both hands for a radical “decarbonisation” of the world economy in order to save itself from climate warming. Attali’s “economy of life” includes the sectors of health and hygiene, food, education, culture, digital technologies, security, and “green” energy in particular.

Jacques Attali’s range is wide: from the issue of human genetic alteration, ending with sugar and proper nutrition. Concerning vaccination, speaking very clearly, Attali states: vaccination is necessary, it should become an attribute of the “positive society” of the future, creating the “correct” human genetic code.

In the video, which I am talking about, Jacques Attali also asks such rhetorical questions as: will the transition of society to a new state take place gradually or quickly and abruptly? Will such a transition be carried out voluntarily or involuntarily?

Moving away from a direct answer, Attali notes that, perhaps, the transition will be in the nature of shock. Building a “positive society” with the help of force and coercion is seen by him and his customers as one of the key scenarios. And here there is a remarkable parallel with the ideas of “shock therapy” by Milton Friedman, according to whose recipes shock therapy was carried out in Chile, beginning in 1973 with the assassination of President Allende, and continued with the killing of thousands of Chileans.

There are many comments on the July “revelations” of Jacques Attali on the Internet. Most of them are: “the delirium of a madman”, “Attali has gone mad”, “intellectual frenzy”, “cannibalism covered with clever and beautiful words” and “fascism in an intellectual wrapper.” Any of these characteristics are perfectly accurate.

Even Google was afraid of too frank disclosure of plans for the world behind the scenes, and blocked the video with the speech of the French “intellectual”. However, he put forward these ideas forty years ago, speaking of the need for a “dictatorship of health”. Today we see this dictatorship in the form of a direct encroachment on human freedoms and the laws of the state.

Attali’s last “revelation” should be taken very carefully. The “Possessed” are preparing for a decisive move to seize power over the world.