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The Parasitic Infection 1

The parasites kill simply by sharing their mind, their disharmonics, their vibrations with a human. That’s literally how the cosmic form, the eternal human, the immortal soul dies. If one listens, remains close to, interacts with, associates with, or is commanded by the parasites, that’s literally how they assimilate the mind. This is strange to understand but basically they project the appearance of a human form and are 100% an artificial, bio-technological parasitic entity who’s mind and scalar emissions, bio-emissions are literally viral in nature and there only purpose and effect is to infect and degrade the life frequencies of all living organisms.

This is like a vampire code within a virtual soul-system reality. Their own energies are their weakness however because they require the victim, oppressor format to interact and if that is disrupted then they cannot sustain themselves enough to maintain presence and will either dissolve or flee.

This is why affirmations and clearing of energies with powerful loving and courageous intent is literally poisonous to their physical or non-physical form and will repel or even expel them from the field. They are primarily energetic in nature however they hijack human perceptual systems in order to play puppeteer. That is the hidden possessor that has been described through the ages. They are one mind, one octopus-like, tentacle producing organism, yet they split up into multiples to act as a hive across this plane.

You can even find some of the ancient orders and how their symbolism or logos carry the visual depiction of the entity as a hive-mind organisms that hijacks human forms.

Read the recent post on the Soft-Disclosure in the movie, “Get out”. Something got into their technology and infected their systems. This is the organism that is called “Satan”.

What is partial to the human, is whole to the parasitic organism. What is wholeness to the human, leaves no excess energy for the organism to program and hide itself in the behavioral or psychological layers.

It is said they originally infected humanity through an overt, mass ritual traumatization of the civilization which occurred as a kind of psychotronic, advanced weaponry, ‘time-war’ which is nothing other than an open battle for the souls of humanity in ancient times.

It is also said that time can be generated through folding the consciousness fields and literally inserting periods of history and that this event was literally a short amount of ‘time’ ago and that the whole of our view of history is only a few years which have been dilated to seem like thousands.

With these notions, the entire reality we seem to know so well becomes a kind of circus show where we are the clowns.

Yet. The oceans, the lands, the fish, the birds, the, crops…all poisoned or being fundamentally altered? Would you rather have it any other way? Would you rather it be that there is no great explanation that this civilization is entirely designed to disrupt organic life and replicate nature into a modified form, that this is just happening “for fun”?

There is no such explanation, this is all a very carefully planned out process because these entities exist on a 4D plane, or a bacterial, quasi-physical, energetic platform that the mind ‘jacks’ into kind of like the matrix. Except, instead of a computer system, this ‘matrix’ is literally ‘jacked into’, simply by any living organism that has a brain and the ability to conceive of time, space, and self. This enables an abstract realization of reality through the production of an interior simulation or “matrix” of said reality.

Thus, through this system, one can form a personality, an identity, a backdrop of knowledge and experience from which to produce a conscious mind. There is the conscious-subconscious duality which enables interaction on the physical plane through biological consciousness as actual soul-beings incarnating through a step-down process from a higher-dimensional locale which is considered non-local to this relative Earth plane (no finite “direction” or distance from “here”, but “within”).

Thus, that abstraction, that interior mind, this can be reached through the perceptual system and one can be influenced through the alteration of one’s perceptual system by modifying that internal matrix or simulation of the external world and thus the personality (or the way reality or the self is perceived). That is the process of mind-control and hijacking the persona to conform the consciousness through behavior modification techniques which implant beliefs and desires into the subconscious below the conscious level of awareness or perception. All one has to do is realize how to interact in a way that the subconscious mind can absorb yet in a level or spectrum of input that the conscious mind is not capable of witnessing.

Thereby, the language of the conscious mind is spoken and written language, or desires and thoughts. The language of the subconscious is symbolism in which certain concepts, shapes, geometries, images, or words are given meaning through association with experiences. Unless we are self-observant in the way this occurs and the mind progresses through the layers, the current system that we call society is actually a hijacking process for the mind whereby the majority of the information that is being absorbed is reaching the subconscious in a way that the conscious mind is only partially aware of.

The conscious mind’s awareness of the partial view is akin to the surface level reflection of a body of water while the subconscious depth of knowledge is actually contained below the surface of the water. If the waters are rough, if perception and sensations are flickering across the screen, what’s happening below the surface is often obscured. If the surface is calm and there is no glimmer across the ripples, then one can see beneath the surface and acknowledge the information that is seemingly hidden behind the commotion.

This is the nature of the mind control system, distraction, redirection, association, subliminal implant. This is how the system is used to hijack and manipulate one’s own vulnerabilities against them to produce a secondary form which is actually a vehicle for the ideas and processing of information that is foreign and unnatural to the human.

Those ideas, those impulses, those beliefs, they are creating on a 4D level of mind, that abstract, internal, simulated version of reality that everyone’s brains create by virtue of being aware of time, space, and physical self (persona) to begin with. Thus, that is the land, the mind-space that the parasite lives.

Originally, that is simply the locale where beliefs, thought-forms, ideas, half-dreams exist and coalesce, but the ‘miasma’, the constant bickering and self-induced suffering of the fallen system here (a downward trend in the complexity of creation into a repeating system of reflections, like a hall of mirrors) populated that universal layer with hellacious entities which then leaked out into the physical realm. Those generated forms can’t go higher, that’s why it’s our duty to keep the universe clean. This is just like dumping oil into the ocean, eventually it’s going to come back and poison the population and that’s exactly what’s happened physically and spiritually.

Because of the way the universe works as a constant creation process, the general consensus is that if we turn this around and clean up the area above the plane, that this realm is literally transmogrified into a realm where the solution to the problem “just so happened” to be “right around the corner” the whole time. We can pull possibilities into the reality matrix and change the whole system to our liking. This is one of the major functions of reality, if not THE major function. Everything is shaped by mind.

The thoughts you emit today, come back between a few hours to days, to generally around 1-2 weeks Earth time as EXPERIENCES.

More-so, the level that humanity originally creates and “plays” through is one level higher than the 4th of “broken mind, dual-time, thought-form ‘astral’. This means that the thought-form entities must be generated from the physical mind field (or can be seen the other way around as always existing and being ‘conjured’ into the physical plane from the mind field, through the mind-field of a conscious living co-creator being). The point is, the thought-form entities carry a dualized form, they are abstractions, meaning they require a medium to be expressed through and must therefore have a “here” and “there” of experience in order to exist. They have to flow from an astral to a physical in order to bounce back and forth and recreate throughout time. If the physical is not feeding that level, then eventually it fades, if that level is not feeding the physical, then there is a freedom of creativity to a higher level and so on. In other words, through the construction of a mind-control matrix of beliefs and literal “living” entities in the thought-form level of the universe, people can be empowered, or attacked by these beings and systems. Yet, without someone feeding those entities or generating that system to begin with, they don’t exist.

Yes, the timewars are the origination of those entities in relation to their bridging into this 3D Earth 4D time line via rituals and black energy systems (what can be referred to as “Negative Energy Agendas”, where suffering and hate is produced and harvested as fuel for those interested in such). Some say they’re just doing the job that they knew someone else would if they didn’t, there are other explanations and maybe they’re all true.

The idea is, the original creation level is above that dualized, must be created and fed in time, belief, and energy level, and the 5D form is eternal. This form is non-dual and does not require sustenance from this level of belief and mind in order to sustain life. This form is literally entirely outside of time and outside of the physical plane and the ‘void-space’, time-consciousness-mind universal model that reductionist, materialist thinking describes. This is the whole realm of the human and the level that the soul exists on at the lowest level of operation.

That is the highest level of operation of the dual-mind which can only glimpse there, whereas the non-dual mind is fully in operation in this level. This is where biological functioning cannot keep up with the supply of information and the beginning of the actual ‘soul’ level of being which surpasses the biological functioning however this will be explained in the future and used as part of a transhumanist agenda to convince people to jump in bio-‘techno-suits’ so they can ‘ascend’ to the 5th level of awareness.

The soul is the vehicle for ascension in that actual sense, that’s it. The DNA of the physical body can literally become non-physical. DNA is harmonics information entangled throughout planes of existence. If that information is shifted, then it literally converts the physical body into a new format. That is the actuality behind it. This is encoded into humanity from the moment of creation by the One True Creator. This does not require a technological form and unconditional love is the non-dual awareness which is present on the higher levels and that is the actual PRESENCE of the SOUL.

The presence of mind on this level is a dualized form and that is where the appearance of hate, fear, love, pleasure, sadness, happiness, and all dualized form exist. The drop into that realm of existence is literally the “fall of man”. Humanity existed in an immortal, pure creation state where what was felt and intended instantly produced a result on reality and thus we literally created 100% of the time and that was life, work, play, everything.

Source : Aug Tellez