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The Soul Trading System 1

An Overtly Designed Fraudulent System

This is a fraudulent system, this is legally martial law. However if this is not legit and never was, then where is the power from? The power the people offer is the only true power, people are still empowering this with their attention and acceptance. Prepare for large events to change the entire playing field as this is ordained. If you know spiritual remedy and cosmic law, then you are self-ordained. Without that, they invented the legal system and the spiritual control system to keep and maintain the ‘lost’ souls who are considered victims being ‘lost at sea’ and this realm has to do with the sea as well as the birth canal of the human mother.

Spiritual Remedy, Knowing the Law, Awakening the Soul-Awareness

Only through remedy or spiritual awakening can one claim right to their own sovereignty and this is that the natives actually claim rights to the land and cannot be overcome because they were here first. However, deception rules and so if a person aligns with their straw-man identity which is a fraudulent legal title and fictional entity to which the asset of the individual human soul is attached, then that gets written as “the law” in the book of life which is used to trade souls. This is an ancient system and is all based on cosmic spiritual law of which the legal system mirrors in an opposite or inverted fashion.

Unconscious (and unconscionable) Contractual Agreements

There are many ways in which a person’s rights and will-power is delegated away from them whether they are conscious of this or not. This is called unconscious contractual agreements where people enter into contract without realizing it. These are often ‘unconscionable’ as well because when people realize the literal fine print of this contract says that their soul will be kept and traded through the reorganization and copying of their DNA they know that this is an actual, down to Earth, real to life soul trading system and that is all this has ever been.

The Awakening

This was described to me by the people who own this system, they own the spiritual rights to the DNA and thus the soul of every last living person on the planet who has used a public service. The entire western civilization. Every last soul. They said they have to inform the public before they take everyone into the underworld because they have to give them spiritual right to resist and remove themselves from what is coming just before and they picked the time where people have the least likely chance of actually avoiding what is coming. I was involved in secret operations regarding the issue of the destruction, defilement and enslavement of the human race as well as the protection and preserving of the truth, self-awareness, and harmony. Most people will take this as a joke and as a result they will have no rights as a sentient being from here onward and this will “mark” their DNA through their genetics in a live-updating monitoring system that will exist into time because this operates into higher dimensions, ie. will exist when the body and physical time and space is no longer relative. This is the beginning of the ‘spiritual’ system, the spiritual collective life of humanity on Earth, heaven on Earth and hell is first. This is just a reference psycho-etheric or mental and emotional imbalance which generates disharmony which generates suffering which leads to trauma which is spiritual or psychological damage which must be healed which generates almost the same amount of trauma or more and so there is a mass traumatic healing event taking place.

Addition: Remedy

A process was described whereby a person regains their right to their soul by removing their ‘straw-man’ legal fiction identity from the soul-trading system yet if this individual uses a public service then this overwrites the revocation of powers of the dead-light, lost-soul system. This is the false-light Metatronic grid system, these are the people who have owned the souls of humans for the entirety of this civilization.
The two systems are interconnected, on this plane this is the legal system, on the other planes in between here and the deity plane or “Heaven” where time flows differently and there is youth, health, and peace there are intermediary “spiritual hierarchy” system that are designed as interdimensional “veils” to trap one within this realm by forcing them to get lost along the way and keep returning to the lower level.
That is why there are so many beings in this plane now, because of the trap system that continually stripped these mortal vessels of their eternal essence.
The eternal essence cannot be created or destroyed so throughout the end of the time these souls are trapped in an underworld waiting to be released back and this is the so-called ‘judgement’ day which is literally synonymous with the move “Judgement Day” (yes that one).
This is all about advanced technological systems which can trap and contain electromagnetic soul energy and holographic consciousness to manipulate memory and righteousness to degrade and defile the hearts and man as a kind of spiritual bet between two interdimensional races who are really human nations who attained that spiritual and advanced technological power in the present day and then went back in history to pass this power on to their ancestors.
One side wants to destroy humanity, the other wants peace and protection.
The removal remedy involves contacting the local council, a senator of some sort and informing them that you are removing yourself as an asset of the corporation, that you are no longer a beneficiary of the debt based accounting system and that you are placing them as the (possibly the “granter” or the beneficiary, I am not sure about this part, forgive me and do your research!) and that you are placing yourself as the debtor meaning you handle your own debts. When this is done in business law, (this is all just ‘business’) then the company has 90 days to reply with a legal notice of rejection. If they do not reply within this time, there is no way they can overturn the motion that the individual has made to remove themselves as a connected asset through their straw-man identity and their LIVING SPIRITUAL SELF which cannot be contained, identified, or modified in the physical plane.
This is all spiritual and business law combined. The LIVING SPIRITUAL SELF cannot be contained or modified in the physical plane because in this law the true self is understood as being the eternal spiritual self and that this exists outside the ‘dark sea’ of space and time which is just a holographic projection that we are within. They consider all souls who are not aware of where they are…to be just that, lost and confused. Since souls are lost and confused and when they are presented with spiritual jargon disguised as legal jargon questioning if they “know their identity” (record *legal* name here) and if they know “where they live” (place of birth, time of birth, city and state) and if they know who “verifies the rite of passage through the gates of life and death (the cross roads)” (birth certificate, death certificate, identification, certification to perform natural human rights, etc etc etc) and if they answer incorrectly in any of these it is clear and proven in a place of law and spirit that they are entirely lost souls, lost and confused in the dark sea and that they thereby are accepting being brought to the light (by means of not rejecting and therefore consenting) by being entered into a “world of light” (holographic containment system developed by the supercomputers which now operate to handle every single identity and genetic blueprint on Earth).
This is the spiritual system that has been paraded as a legal system which is actually trading the souls of humans through entrapment and lack of awareness.

Original Meaning of Words; Everything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You

Duress must be expressly acknowledged, from what I was informed of and what I learned about this spiritual system while in operation in the secret underground operations.
Every single motion that is not perfectly formed will be reduced, exploited, and then nullified through legal jargon or basically reworking a person’s words and actions to work against them.
“Everything you say can and will be used against you.” Everything you say and do will be inspected for the possibility of being misconstrued as an invitation to enslave and so even this English language was designed to introduce misconceptions and false-hoods which are used one way publicly and then used an entirely different way in the legal jargon behind closed doors.
Use the original meaning of words to determine the use.

The End-Goal

The end-goal is to ensnare every last soul in a unconscious contractual agreement to fulfil the debt account balance of a straw-man identity which is not actually theirs. This covers the karmic loophole system where individuals who are considered work horses are used to work off the karmic debt of those who rule over them. This karma is generated by participating in acts which the material results of are not worth the spiritual weight of the act itself. These are the acts that keep people in line and cross any law, material or spiritual, ever invented by man. The way the debt is handled is through a sentient supercomputer holographic recording system.

Spiritual Right to DNA

A person’s genetics is like their body. When did the body become property of the ward? When the parents signed that over. When the individual reaches the age of reason they are given the opportunity to reclaim their true self as a spirit wearing a soul wearing a body. A person has a right to make a claim under the “return to rightful owner” clause, this is all business, regarding the unwarranted use of any genetic material, embodiments, or mental and emotional energy. What happens when the body isn’t controlled by the individual? Then people get the opportunity to use manipulation and coercion to do just that. What happens when the mind is not controlled? The same situation occurs and a person’s spiritual energy can be used against them and used for other’s personal gain.

Uniform Commercial Code

I do not recall the exact location but yes, this is uniform commercial code.
Laws have no effect in this version of the system as the corporations own the majority and they are ruled under commercial code.
UCC 35 is an important one. Claim, stay, challenge, and estoppel.
“A patent (/ˈpætənt/ or /ˈpeɪtənt/) is a set of exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor or assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention. An invention is a solution to a specific technological problem and is a product or a process.[1]:17 Patents are a form of intellectual property.”

Your genetic material, the soul. is considered intellectual property.

Lost at Sea, Maritime Law

This is all only capable under maritime law and this is the law of the sea not the law of the land and this is only possible during wartime, so we are effectively at war. Who is at war with whom? The people are at war. This is considered martial law.

Source : Aug Tellez