“In a study published by the journal Psychology, Crime and Law, Belinda Board and Katarina Fritzon tested 39 senior managers and chief executives from leading British businesses. They compared the results to the same tests on patients at Broadmoor special hospital, where people who have been convicted of serious crimes are incarcerated. On certain indicators of psychopathy, the bosses’s scores either matched or exceeded those of the patients. In fact, on these criteria, they beat even the subset of patients who had been diagnosed with psychopathic personality disorders.” – George Monbiot

“If you read between the lines and extrapolate a person’s personality, you can see these people in society. They pretend to help, yet they cannot, literally 100% are programmed to not be capable of telling the truth. They are sociopathic, they must abuse children or individuals who are exposing the truth.
This is the ‘doomed to fail’ hijacking of the natural system because the system is life is designed for LIFE and LIFE propagating frequencies. Thus, the system is acting as a leech to this entire universe and ultimately they will run out of their own energy as the system complicates and becomes more unreasonable for them to play.” – Aug Tellez

The parasites kill simply by sharing their mind, their disharmonics, their vibrations with a human. That’s literally how the cosmic form, the eternal human, the immortal soul dies. If one listens, remains close to, interacts with, associates with, or is commanded by the parasites, that’s literally how they assimilate the mind. This is strange to understand but basically they project the appearance of a human form and are 100% an artificial, bio-technological parasitic entity who’s mind and scalar emissions, bio-emissions are literally viral in nature and there only purpose and effect is to infect and degrade the life frequencies of all living organisms.

The entire idea behind preparing for this shift is to let go of the attachments to the mundane, to let go of fear, hate and aggression, to see one another as beautiful, truthful, compassionate sources of pure observation. Only that which is perfectly cleaned of the hard, rigid structures of indoctrinated, dogmatic thinking will be able to ‘soar upward’ without having their wings automatically clipped by the very nature of their flight path heading into dangerous, treacherous, or completely ontologically unreasonable (paradoxical) reality.

“This is a fraudulent system, this is legally martial law. However if this is not legit and never was, then where is the power from? The power the people offer is the only true power, people are still empowering this with their attention and acceptance. Prepare for large events to change the entire playing field as this is ordained. If you know spiritual remedy and cosmic law, then you are self-ordained. Without that, they invented the legal system and the spiritual control system to keep and maintain the ‘lost’ souls who are considered victims being ‘lost at sea’ and this realm has to do with the sea as well as the birth canal of the human mother.

Only through remedy or spiritual awakening can one claim right to their own sovereignty and this is that the natives actually claim rights to the land and cannot be overcome because they were here first. However, deception rules and so if a person aligns with their straw-man identity which is a fraudulent legal title and fictional entity to which the asset of the individual human soul is attached, then that gets written as “the law” in the book of life which is used to trade souls. This is an ancient system and is all based on cosmic spiritual law of which the legal system mirrors in an opposite or inverted fashion.” – Aug Tellez

It is described that without this slave-system death itself would not be present in the same way and that disease and the length of life would not be the same. Humans would have enough spiritual energy to keep the body alive nearly indefinitely as all of this is simply a programming of the telomeres, the metabolism, the mitochondrial DNA, RNA, and the overall energy circuity of the body that is kept disabled through improper foods, habits, activities, and spiritually damaging belief systems. People are literally the mind and body slaves of this parasite and this has the same effects of malforming the life span and enjoyment just as much as a chicken growing up on a factory farm without the ability to move, using antiobiotics to stop infection from killing the body, and being bloated and completely deformed from the fattening process.
Ego’s, spirits, and emotions are fattened for a meal. People are starving, they are emotionally sensitive and highly selfish, yet they have no power for themselves and no respect. This is the same situation as the factory chicken farm, the spiritual body is dying and this is the result.

I have emailed this to 90 different members of the South African government, judiciary and mainstream media, and published it as an open letter.

Excerpt: “This open letter and accompanying summary document serve to bring to your attention the considerable (and growing) body of independent scientific research which has revealed many undisclosed ingredients and toxic contaminants contained in the the Pfizer/BionTech, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Janssen COVID-19 “vaccines” (and others). These undisclosed ingredients include, but are not limited to various metals, graphene oxide and one or more trypanosomiasis parasite species.”

COVID is looking like a classic frame job – the governments of the world have been tricked and coerced into supporting the agenda which will end in their destruction. So have we. The plan is, and has always been, for the vaccine deaths and injuries to forment a global revolt against all governments, creating the vacuum into which the New World Order will graciously step with their ephemeral panacea. Within this context, the “mandates” in certain sectors make more sense – the intention is to cripple the healthcare, military, civil defense and transportation sectors through walkouts and the incapacitation of those that comply. Those that refuse will walk. Those that stay will be poisoned. The net result is that these sectors are going to be decimated. I think this is by design.

“Attali’s last ‘revelation’ should be taken very carefully – the ‘Possessed’ are preparing for a decisive move to seize power over the world.” – Russian economist, Prof. Valentin Katasanov, July 2021

On 20 August 2021 Dr. Robert Young published his team’s findings after analysing the four dominant COVID-19 “vaccines” using Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy. Their findings both confirm and expand upon the prior investigations carried our by Dr. Pablo Campra (University of Almeria, Spain) and Dr. Juan F. Gastón Añaños (Hospital de Barbastro, Spain). These findings are summarised in this article.

“The hive is the imitator cosmic intelligence and this is because that cosmic ego is always partial to the larger view of the whole and this is how “Satan” is simply testing and doing the work for “God” the original creative force, because no matter how much is achieved in these deceptive practices, all of these energies lead to self-destruction and self-annihilation at the face of the true overall harmony of existence. This is what we are witnessing now as this entity has sewn itself into time, forwards and back so as to put its damning curse upon all of creation that it has access to. Thus, when the final moment of self-annihilation comes, this entity seeks to take as many original beings with it into the void of destruction and chaos.”