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Down a Path of Shadows

It would seem that we are walking down a path of shadows which we have been down before, more than 30 years ago.

The Coronovirus psy-op is almost precisely the social-engineering we saw with HIV/AIDS. Fortune-telling fraud on a global scale with potentially billions of marks – almost every human being on Earth earmarked for a few dollars worth of a Bill Gates’ cocktail infusion.

What David is referring to during the first portion of this interview is the same mass confidence trick described, in meticulously researched detail, by Peter Duesberg in his 700 page 1995 book, “Inventing the AIDS Virus” (out of print, however a 2nd hand hardcopy can be purchased on Amazon here for $350-$1000).

David Icke also mentions Kary Mullis for his role as the Nobel Laureate that invented the Polymerase Chain Reaction test (used for COVID-19 testing), and for Mullis’ public stance that his invention was not suitable for viral load (infection) testing in human beings – the presence of antibody DNA does not constitute evidence of infection, nor is the result viral-strain specific. One could test positive for COVID-19 using PCR testing, even if they were carrying antibodies to a different coronavirus strain.

I’m sure that Peter Duesberg must be watching with interest as the same plot devices, actors and props are being rolled out once more: Anthony Fauci, PCR testing, Kary Mullis, vague, non-standardised testing and even vaguer pathology criteria – all in support of Pharma Studio’s latest blockbuster sequel.

This vastly less-invasive vaccine-delivery-system will very likely also include a dye marker – an identification tattoo – which will only be visible using specialized smartphone scanning technology.

Being virtually painless and designed to be administered by non-medical personnel, I think we can safely predict that neo-stasi police will be slapping one of these on our arms at routine traffic stops if we haven’t already been vaccinated. If you’re not keen on this idea, you can make your voice heard by signing this petition on

As is now being done with COVID-19, AIDS was defined using completely different criteria in different parts of the world.

The defining symptoms of “African AIDS” are those typical of malnutritional disease – eg. weakened immune response & tuberculosis.

The symptoms of “Western AIDS” are those typically associated with chronic recreational drug use – eg. weakened immune response & kaposi’s soma.

Here we are once again, using the same duplicitous testing and quantification methodologies, and the same flawed PCR test, the one used for HIV testing, producing false-positives to many AIDS-defining conditions such as tuberculosis, herpes, pneumonia, candidiasis and toxoplasmosis.

They AIDS industry have, for 30 years, been selling their toxic drugs to treat an invented syndrome, which just happens to mimic all the existing diseases wherever it “appears”.

Fauci was a star antagonist in the AIDS theatrics as well. AIDS was truly the testing ground for whats happening here.

This is a segment from the interview that Kary Mullis gave apon receiving his Nobel prize. The full transcript and interview video can be found here
5:30 : “There is no universal definition of COVID-19 death. The CDC … states that ‘mortality data includes both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19′” 

So when they come for us, they’re probably going to be bringing these little babies along:- microneedle tattoo vaccine patches. Several patents were filed for this technology, at least as far back at July 2018 by M.I.T, with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Fortunately for Bill, he should see a good return on his substantial donations to the World Health Organization when they buy up enough of his product to vaccinate the entire planet.