Excerpt: “… I do not accept any form of violence or threat of violence against me, and I expressly proclaim my sovereign wish to live in peace, to be left alone and to leave others alone. I will not do anything to any other sovereign individual, especially not anything of the sort that I would not wish done to me. People and organisations that violate this principle of reciprocity by robbing me of both my property and my time, for instance, can expect me to hold them accountable for the losses that I incur as a result of their actions. I reserve the right to claim appropriate compensation for the damages inflicted thus far.”

It would seem that we are walking down a path of shadows which we have been down before, more than 30 years ago. The Coronovirus psy-op is almost precisely the social-engineering we saw with HIV/AIDS. Fortune-telling fraud on a global scale with potentially billions of marks – almost every human being on Earth earmarked for a few dollars worth of a Bill Gates’ cocktail infusion.