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From Light Comes Darkness

There are so many aspects of the current coronavirus situation, and the behaviour of many governments and mainstream media, which seem inexplicable.

Occasionally something comes along which seems to make sense of that which has so far remained shrouded in darkness. The current Grand Solar Minimum, along with this article by Dr Tony Phillips, in which he describes the effects of a solar storm which occurred in 1921, was for me one of these illuminating moments.

Aside from the obvious “corona” coincidence, could there be a connection between conditions in our solar system right now and the events on the ground?

It began on May 12, 1921 when giant sunspot AR1842, crossing the sun during the declining phase of Solar Cycle 15, began to flare. One explosion after another hurled coronal mass ejections (CMEs) directly toward Earth. For the next 3 days, CMEs rocked Earth’s magnetic field. Scientists around the world were surprised when their magnetometers suddenly went offscale, pens in strip chart recorders pegged uselessly to the top of the paper.

Then the fires began. Around 02:00 GMT on May 15th, a telegraph exchange in Sweden burst into flames. About an hour later, the same thing happened across the Atlantic in the village of Brewster, New York. Flames engulfed the switch-board at the Brewster station of the Central New England Railroad and quickly spread to destroy the whole building. That fire, along with another one about the same time in a railroad control tower near New York City’s Grand Central Station, is why the event is sometimes referred to as the “New York Railroad Superstorm.”

What caused the fires? Electrical currents induced by geomagnetic activity surged through telephone and telegraph lines, heating them to the point of combustion. Strong currents disrupted telegraph systems in Australia, Brazil, Denmark, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the UK and USA. The Ottawa Journal reported that many long-distance telephone lines in New Brunswick were burned out by the storm. On some telegraph lines in the USA voltages spiked as high as 1000 V.

Svensmark’s Cloud Mystery

In 1997 Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark started presenting new research based on satellite, groundstation and ice-core sample data. Based on observations of cloud cover, solar fluctuations and levels of incoming cosmic radiation, Svensmark observed that solar activity and its cyclic attenuation of cosmic radiation was a significant driver of global cloud cover and climate.

From Light Comes Darkness 9

At different levels in the atmosphere (high >6.5 km, middle 6.5–3.2 km and low <3.2 km) the blue line shows variations in global cloud cover collated by the International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project. The red line is the record of monthly variations in cosmic-ray counts at the Huancayo station. While there is no match at the higher altitudes, a close correspondence between cosmic rays and clouds low in the atmosphere is plain to see. (Marsh and Svensmark 2000)

Svensmark looked further back in time by examining ice-core climate records going back 600 million years. He observed an equally strong correlation between long-term cosmic radiation levels and global climate as our solar system passes through the four spiral arms of the Milky Way every 150 million years. We’re right on schedule for the next global ice-age.

From Light Comes Darkness 10

Four switches from warm “hothouse” to cold “icehouse” conditions during the Phanerozoic are shown in variations of several degrees K in tropical sea-surface temperatures (red curve). They correspond with four encounters with spiral arms of the Milky Way and the resulting increases in the cosmic-ray flux (blue curve, scale inverted). (After Shaviv and Veizer 2003)

From Light Comes Darkness 11

The Sun’s motion relative to the galaxy’s spiral arms over the past 200 million years is defined by changes in the angle ⌽. The most recent spiral-arm crossings ⌽1 and ⌽2 were at ~100° and ~25°. Climatic data show rhythmic cooling of the Earth whenever the Sun crossed the galactic midplane, where cosmic rays are locally most intense. From these geophysical data, the astrophysical data shown in table 1 can be inferred. (Svensmark 2006a)

The reaction amongst the carbon-tax funded climate establishment was to dogmatically deny the validity of his findings. The Ministry of Truth had spoken. A few years later his research was confirmed  through a number of experiments carried out at the CERN particle accellerator (even so, the lamestream media still report it as being unproven).

With Svensmark’s recent discovery, and our current observation that the sun is at an historic extreme minimum, it would seem obvious that the earth is currently exposed to higer levels of cosmic radiation. This is confirmed by publicly available space weather monitoring data. In the following chart from the Moscow Neutron Monitor we can clearly see that cosmic radiation levels are at their highest level since recording began around 1955:

From Light Comes Darkness 13

The same can be seen in the records from the Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory going back to 1965:

From Light Comes Darkness 14

The upcoming solar maximum, expected to peak around 2025, is predicted to be one of the weakest on record:

From Light Comes Darkness 15

Historical precipitation and temperature data for some randomly selected cities around the world appears to demonstrate a further correlation with the unusually deep solar minimum of the past two years. 2019 and 2020 have shown record-breaking rainfall on the scale of 200%-500% above the average for the previous 8 years. Click on the thumbnails to view larger versions.

Edit : 3rd August, 2021 : This source data has been altered since I originally published this in March 2020. Rainfall data as published in March 2020 compared to August 2021:

Increased cloud cover, lower temperatures, and a very real chance that a solar storm on the level of those described above could be on the cards sometime in the next few months, or years.

What would the effects of a solar storm of that scale be today, in our ultraconnected, smart-gridded world? How would our unelected corporate dictators deal with it if they had forewarning of an imminent, possibly catastrophic, solar event?

The chaos in crowded cities would be considerable in the event that global power and communications networks were suddenly disabled. There would be gridlock in the busy cities with millions of people stranded.

Similar Pathologies

What would the health effects of unprecedented cosmic ionizing radiation levels be? Could they possibly mimic the seemingly almost random symptoms of coronavirus?

The potential acute and chronic health effects of space radiation, as with other ionizing radiation exposures, involve both direct damage to DNA, indirect effects due to generation of reactive oxygen species, and changes to the biochemistry of cells and tissues, which can alter gene transcription and the tissue microenvironment along with producing DNA mutations. – Wikipedia

NASA has identified four significant health risks due to radiation that must be well understood to enable the development of effective countermeasures. The risks are described in the NASA Human Research Program, Human Research Roadmap, and include carcinogenesis, acute and late central nervous system risks, chronic and degenerative tissue risks, and acute radiation risks. NASA scientists are working to understand the molecular, cellular and tissue mechanisms of damage, which include DNA damage processing, oxidative damage, cell loss through apoptosis or necrosis, changes in the extra-cellular matrix, cytokine activation, inflammation, changes in plasticity, and micro-lesions (clusters of damaged cells along heavy ion tracks). NASA

The sun during the last solar maximum in September 2014 (top) compared to May 2020 (middle) and the last 3 days (bottom) as seen from the space-based Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Space radiation exposures led to significant air space enlargement and dose-dependent decreased systemic oxygenation levels. These were associated with late mild lung inflammation and prominent cellular injury… Exposure to space radiation caused dose-dependent, pronounced late lung pathological sequelae consistent with alveolar simplification and cellular signaling of increased injury and decreased repair. The associated systemic hypoxemia suggested that this previously uncharacterized space radiation-associated lung injury was functionally significant. – American Journal of Physiology

[cosmic] radiation-induced inflammatory pneumonitis has been observed to take about two to four months to develop, while fibrosis develops at around four to six months after irradiation. – Translational Lung Cancer Research Journal

The Amercian Journal of Physiology study quoted above specifically listed central nervous system damage, oxidative stress, senescence, lung injury, inflammation, hypoxemia and cancer as a result of increased exposure to galactic cosmic rays. At least six of these seven outcomes have been associated with COVID-19 to date (cancer symptoms take longer to manifest). An excerpt from a paper published in The Lancet describing COVID-19 pathology:

Studies have shown that some patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure have preserved lung compliance, suggesting that processes other than alveolar damage might be involved in hypoxaemia related to COVID-19 pneumonia.
The typical imaging features of COVID-19 pneumonia, including peripheral ground-glass opacities with or without consolidation, are also non-specific and can be seen in many other diseases. There has been increasing attention on microvascular thrombi as a possible explanation for the severe hypoxaemia related to COVID-19.

Treatment for acute respiratory failure in patients with COVID-19 is challenging in part because of little understanding of the underlying pathophysiology. Our findings are atypical for acute respiratory distress syndrome or thrombotic vascular disease and point to a possible central role* for previously underappreciated pulmonary vascular shunting. More detailed assessments of vascular and perfusion changes in patients with COVID-19 are urgently needed. – The Lancet

*emphasis mine

Way back in 1985, NASA published a paper titled Using the information of cosmic rays to predict influence epidemic. The research was carried out at the Hubei Research Institute of Environmental Protection in Wuhan, China:

A correlation between the incidence of influenza pandemics and increased cosmic ray activity is made. A correlation is also made between the occurrence of these pandemics and the appearance of bright novae, e.g., Nova Eta Car. Four indices based on increased cosmic ray activity and novae are proposed to predict future influenza pandemics and viral antigenic shifts.

The Zika virus outbreak in 2015 posed a serious public health threat because of its association with congenital abnormalities. Research on the environmental factors underlying this outbreak epidemiology may provide useful insights into its occurrence. This study suggests that the localized lowering of the earth’s magnetic field intensity and a sudden increase of cosmic rays recorded in Mexico in 2015 were causally associated with the resurgence of the Zika virus outbreak in the Americas.

Source :

Another 2006 Chinese study titled Searching of Main Cause Leading to Severe Influenza A Virus Mutations and Consequently to Influenza Pandemics/Epidemics found a significant relationship between solar cycles and pandemic/epidemic events, as summarised in this chart from the paper:

From Light Comes Darkness 45

Radiation & Vaccines

Here’s how an RNA vaccine works: rather than injecting a pathogen’s antigen into your body, you instead give the body the genetic code needed to produce that antigen itself. When the antigens appear on the outside of your cells, your immune system attacks them—and learns how to defeat future intruders in the process. You essentially turn your body into its own vaccine manufacturing unit. – Bill Gates

I wonder how DNA/RNA vaccines might behave in vivo whilst being exposed to unusually high levels of ionizing radiation? There has been some research done into producing vaccines which can either attenuate or amplify the effects of cosmic radiation, such as this paper published in 2007, and this one in 2014.

We need to manufacture and distribute at least 7 billion doses of the vaccine. In order to stop the pandemic, we need to make the vaccine available to almost every person on the planet. We’ve never delivered something to every corner of the world before. – Bill Gates

Pure speculation, but perhaps the “7 billion doses” of RNA vaccine being developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (or through their funding) may perhaps be designed to interact with the currently elevated levels of incoming cosmic radiation and/or anticipated solar storms?

Is the COVID-19 affliction perhaps related to fluctuations of the sun’s corona and the resultant variation in incoming cosmic radiation?

Perhaps, like the farmer and his dog herding the sheep to shelter before the coming storm, the globalists and their obedient paid-off minions might decide that in order to avoid creating mass panic (by revealing the truth), they would rather create a cover story to essentially evacuate most of the cities and get the populations indoors until the storm has arrived. While we’re all safely stabled, they might as well give all the obedient animals their shots and tag them as well.

The Ritual of Control

This scenario also contextualizes the tone and content of Ricky Gervais’ restrospectively prescient opening speech at the January 2020 Golden Globe awards. Peppered with allusions to the end of days and uncomfortable truths about the Hollywood industry, it was almost as if Ricky was committing professional and literal suicide at the microphone – speaking as though the baubles of this world wouldn’t matter for much longer. Downright creepy.

From light comes darkness, and from darkness – light” – This line is from the only interesting moment in the 2016 movie “Warcraft“, produced by Legendary Pictures (creators of many other examples of billion-dollar grossing sorcery300 (both movies), Inception, Sucker Punch, the Batman franchise, Pacific Rim – to name a few).

For the obvious reason that the sun is the energy source(ry) for all life on earth, the oldest known religious practices and beliefs, many of which persist today, deify the Sun. Human history is littered with sun symbolism and ritual.

In occultism the Black Sun was associated with a black hole serving the center of power concentration. It was used by the Vril and some other secret societies for magic occult rituals almost a century before the Nazi Party made it a principal idea of their worldview. Viking Workshop

Whatever your personal beliefs around magic, the people directing our collective fate seem to take their sun worship and rituals pretty seriously, and the cosmic clock moves with relentless, predictable precision. This time has been anticipated and planned for for decades, perhaps even thousands of years.

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